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Rainbow at Midnight

Abducted and cryogenically preserved in a crisis moment at the beginning of a Jihad nuclear war, scientist Andy Hirsch wakes up 500 years later, stripped of his young family, and gasping with pain in a dripping January forest of what he once knew as Scappoose, Oregon. Two hardluck kids revived him -- twelve-year-old Lila, a smart and sassy girl who pays for it with beatings, and Jock, her fourteen-year-old woods-wise brother. After finding Andy up the canyon and injured by the preservation process, the kids helped him to their village. The new era echoes its dark past with a vicious present, and fear rules short lives. Andy finds that Jock and Lila need him as much as he needed them. Together, with cunning, tenacity and often a use of scientific "magic," the three forge a path through Andy's midnight-of-the-soul story that will grab your heart, mind, and curiosity, and pull you into their evolving world.

Val Linn is a writer living on a small farm near Scappoose, Oregon, a writer and a reader of science fiction with a lifetime of experience, education and imagination under his belt to season his stories.

Val Linn

Rainbow at Midnight
and Book Two - Iron Fist at Dawn
Coming Soon!

  • Front Cover - Peggy Lowe
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